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Paul and Loughran Ltd

Skid Modules

Through our extensive knowledge and understanding of gas systems, Paul & Loughran is able to utilise this in the design and supply of our own skid mounted units.

Paul & Loughran designs and builds the following skid mounted units for gas systems for design pressure of 7Bar, Class 150, Class 300 and Class 600 in accordance with IGEM/TD/13 Edition 2 and client bespoke specifications:

  • Pressure reduction
  • Preheating
  • Filtration and metering

All of our designs are produced as 3D CAD models, which ensure improved quality and accuracy of designs which maximises build quality.

Paul & Loughran Ltd - PIG Traps & Skid Modules

Coupled with the production of our heat exchangers Paul & Loughran are in the distinctive position to be able to offer a complete solution for heater skids whereby we can supply the complete module rather than the client having to rely on a third-party contractor, spreading risk and potentially increasing costs. We are also in a position where we can provide a total turnkey service to include mechanical, civil and EC&I site works for the skid modules.

Paul & Loughran Ltd - PIG Traps & Skid Modules